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[Discuss] ugly problem

since yesterday i have been having irregular freezeups on my
computer.  for instance, today i was reading the nytimes via
chrome, and suddenly the mouse ceased to function, nor would
the touchpad on my keyboard.  the screen content remained
unchanged, the mouse pointer visible but stationary.
neither ctl-alt-del nor ctl-alt-f2 had any effect.  i
attempted to ssh in from another computer and got "no route
to host", nor could i ping.  a hard reset restores apparent
normalcy -- at least for a while.  times vary.  i have yet
to experience a freeze w/o the browser running (which of
course is seldom the case).

the computer is an intel nuc-10 running fc27.

any suggestions would be appreciated.

ole dan

j. daniel moylan
84 harvard ave
brookline, ma 02446-6202
617-777-0207 (cel)
jdm at
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