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[Discuss] Unusual error message after tar ops

Clue may be 'newgrp' which is rather late in the SSH connection, that's
invoked while spawning the login shell.

It sounds like the desired User in Passwd has U#:G# that does not match the
group memberships.

(Alternatively, the group # on restored $HOME and .ssh  may be an invalid
but I don't think that would cause this precise message?)

// Bill R

On Tue, Jul 24, 2018 at 5:31 PM, Bill Horne <bill at> wrote:

> Thanks for reading this.
> I'm transitioning from one Ubuntu system to a new clone. Today, I used tar
> to move all my existing files from the "old" machine to the "new" one.
> Initial checks of the new machine showed the recent files that I moved, so
> I though it went well.
> However, when I tried to log into the new machine again after an hour or
> two, I'm getting an unusual error message.
> I'm able to log in using ssh with key-based authentication, but then I'm
> receiving a "password:" prompt. I enter what should be the password for the
> new machine, but then I get this message:
> Password:
> newgrp: failed to crypt password with previous salt: Invalid argument
> Connection to (New machine name) closed.
> All suggestion welcome, and thanks in advance.
> Bill
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