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[Discuss] International Keyboard for Fedora 28

Hello, all.

I am accustomed to using the US-international keyboard on my Windows
systems. I'd like to use it in Fedora 28, too, so I don't have to learn
alternate keyboard layouts.

It is not listed, at least not by the name I'm used to, in the
Settings/Region & Language list of keyboard layouts. There are about 35
French keyboard layouts to choose from and I don't know how to figure out
which one is closest to the US International keyboard. Does anyone know?

(The French keyboard from France lays out the keys differently and I'm all
for an easy life and don't want to have to remember to switch the locations
of A and Q every time I type something, so I don't want to use it.)

Has anyone else dealt with this question? What did you decide on? All
suggestions welcome.


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