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[Discuss] Geeqie problem with thumbnail checkboxes

I don't have it installed right now, so this is just from memory and/or
guessing. I believe geeqie stores configurations in various locations
within your home directory. Could there be a problem with access to the
config/cache folder(s) for geeqie?

In other words, are these directories present, and accessible to you

XDG_DATA_HOME, (~/.local/share) /geeqie/collections/*.gqv
XDG_DATA_HOME, (~/.local/share) /geeqie/metadata/*
XDG_CONFIG_HOME, (~/.config) /geeqie/geeqierc.xml
XDG_CONFIG_HOME, (~/.config) /geeqie/geocode-parameters.awk
XDG_CONFIG_HOME, (~/.config) /geeqie/accels
XDG_CONFIG_HOME, (~/.config) /geeqie/applications/*.desktop
XDG_CACHE_HOME, (~/.cache) /thumbnails/*

Greg Rundlett

On Sun, Sep 16, 2018 at 11:57 PM, John Abreau <abreauj at> wrote:

> I frequently use geeqie to view photo galleries, and in the past
> couple of days it started displaying 10 unmarked checkboxes in the
> thumbnail pane to the right of each thumbnail image.
> Despite many attempts to google it, I'm unable to figure out what
> they're for or how to tell geeqie to stop displaying them.
> How can I get rid of them?
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