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[Discuss] apache problem

On Wed, 9 Jan 2019 19:20:29 +0000
"Anderson, Charles R" <cra at> wrote:

> Neither does "chmod -R a+rwx /" or running everything as root grant
> anyone any access if they don't have a login to the system.  Do you
> recommend everyone should do that (or perhaps "chmod -R 777
> ~/public_html" which was a common meme on internet forums years ago)
> because it is "easier" than trying to learn these "hard to use and
> confusing chmod 755 644 thingies".

I find your "you wouldn't do X so why would you do Y" argument to be an
appeal to fear which makes it difficult for me to take any of your
assertions seriously. But to answer the question anyway, not only have
I made recommendations like that (along with appropriate warnings about
the risks) I implemented something like that myself on a very large
development cluster. I had a compelling reason for doing it, and it was
the most appropriate thing to do on that system at that time.

Copy-paste everything Derek wrote.

Rich Pieri

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