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[Discuss] Hacked or Scam?

David Kramer wrote: 
> I've gotten two of these emails so far saying my email is hacked.? I get
> these kinds of emails all the time about a password that got exposed in a
> company breach, but I haven't used that password in a long time, so I'm not
> worried about that.? Just making sure I should not be worried about this
> either.? My mail server is a Linode node running postfix, amavix,
> spamassassin, and dovecot.
> Looking at the headers, it looks to me like they just sent an email to my
> server through their server like normal, not that it originated on my
> server.? Using "last" I don't see any logins that were probably not me.

Laziest scam in existence:

1. Get a list of exposed email addresses and passwords.

2. Spam them all with this script.

3. Hope that someone will send in bitcoins.

4. Rinse and repeat.

Today I got three of them. I use tagged email addresses and
site-unique passwords, so I am... unconcerned.

If they only have email addresses, well, they just leave out
the bit about how they know this particular password and 
substitute a bit about how "you know this is real because I
sent it from your email address!"



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