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[Discuss] GNU/FOSS alternative to

Mayuresh Rajwadkar <m.m.rajwadkar at> asked:
> Does anyone here know if there is a self-hosted option to *

That site looks like a team scheduler that goes beyond just group calendaring.

You can find group calendar tools in Linux-based FOSS by NextCloud and OX App Suite. It?s limited to caldav sync: users can create a shared calendar and add it to their mobile devices. Any notifications by email are a byproduct of the device?s calendar accept/reject process, not the server, so it?s not at all like a corporate Exchange server.

I publish an OX App Suite image on to make installation easier; the Nextcloud software includes easy enough installation options that I just run their image, which I use as a personal household calendar (so we all know about one another?s plane trips, including flight numbers, and other upcoming shared events).

I don?t know if the open-source community is going to create such a tool. I?m writing an events manager as a hobby but it?s not open-source.