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[Discuss] RMS (or meta-discussion thereon)

> From: Rich Pieri <richard.pieri at>
> worley at (Dale R. Worley) wrote:
>> Of course, RMS ran into trouble for speaking his mind plainly in a
>> time when that is unsafe, and his personality makes him particularly
>> vulnerable to that.  [...]
> Point: he didn't speak (write) his mind plainly. He tried to equivocate
> around the meanings of two clearly defined, very serious criminal
> charges. [...]

Sorry, let me clarify.  When I said "plainly" I didn't mean that what he
said was plain; indeed, I've not read what he wrote.  What I meant was
that he said what he was thinking and feeling, rather than first asking
the fundamental question, "If I say this, will I still weigh more than a
duck?"  But as others have noted, RMS is not particularly aware of
others' social cues.