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Backup issues

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On Mon, 10 Nov 2003 09:51:27 -0500
Dan Barrett <nullpointer at> wrote:

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> On Monday 10 November 2003 09:37, Jerry Feldman wrote:
> > Too many open files in system
> I think this is the Linux kernel -- what does ulimit tell you?  What
> about the value in /proc/sys/fs/file-max?  On my desktop here at work,
> that's set to 52313; at idle it's got 3,389 filehandles already, so I
> can see a big messy Windows drive causing problems I guess.
ulimit says 1024 (which is what I specified originally) and file-max is
26212. My issue is not so much with the Linux file limit (I have mucked
with that in the past). Yes, the Windows drive does have a lot of files.

The issue is not so much increasing the number of available file
handles, but getting rsync to work within the existing limits. This
particular thing only started to occur a week or so ago. Looking at the
patch logs rsync has not changed since I installed SuSE 8.2, but Samba
was updated in September. 

One solution is to write my own sync command. This would not be too much
work since I have code already that does recursive directory searches.
(I actually wrote a version of the Unix find command for MS-DOS years
ago before there were any good utilities available for Windows). Or,
simply use the cp command recursively (which will copy a lot of junk). 

Another possibility is to change my backup strategy, and possibly
initiate it from Cygwin on my wife's system. 

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Jerry Feldman <gaf at>
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