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Backup issues

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On Mon, 10 Nov 2003 10:04:03 -0500
nmeyers at wrote:

> I'd guess Samba isn't closing files quickly enough after you touch
> them - no idea why.
> Rsync is a great backup solution, but I think a move to a different
> protocol would be a help. You could run an rsync server on the Linux
> box and use the native rsync protocol, or tunnel rsync through rsh or
> ssh - either one would take Samba out of the loop. Here's how it might
> look in ssh (assuming something like a cygwin bash shell):
>   RSYNC_RSH=ssh rsync [...all your usual options...]
>   /windoz/wifecdrive wifeuserid at mylinuxhost:/path/to/backup/directory
> You can set up cert-based ssh authentication for that account that'll
> let this work without having to type a password, if that's desirable.
I was thinking of doing this since I have cygwin on my wife's machine. 
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