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[Discuss] Cloud-backup solutions for Linux?

> From: Rich Braun [mailto:richb at]
> I'm actually OK with that one; the above sentence is taken a bit out of
> context in that it's describing a particular feature that few of us would
> actually ever use.  

If you browse to your stuff in the web page, or if you install the mobile client on your mobile device.

There are no big warnings, as you do so, saying "This is not zero knowledge anymore!"

There is no technical requirement for it to be that way either. I certainly know we didn't build Synctuary that way.

> The vendor then goes on to say use of this feature "represents the only
> situation where your data could potentially be readable to someone [else
> besides you]". That's a strong claim and their lawyers would have to be
> pretty

They're saying if you use their product as designed, then without any warning other than this comment on page 13 of this 19 page technical document, they have access to your stuff. But when you hand over your password to them, that's the only situation they would have access to your stuff. You say that's reassuring to you, but it's not the slightest bit reassuring to me. So I guess we have a difference of opinion. 

This is the same flaw that killed Lavabit.

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