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[Discuss] systemd explanations

On 02/19/16 15:34, Rich Pieri wrote:
> On 2/19/2016 3:18 PM, Robert Krawitz wrote:
>>> Because what they say is cruel and uncalled-for.
>> But if they're that irrelevant, what difference does it make?
>>> Back at you: how does forking the code get them to stop being cruel?
>> Again: if they're rendered completely irrelevant, why does it matter
>> if their words are cruel and uncalled-for?
> If you cannot figure this out for yourself then you are the problem.

Either they're irrelevant or they aren't? In my view they are
irrelevant. Like how I feel about celebrities -- it's a decision you
make. And perhaps if that perspective becomes contagious, then it will
be solved. There's plenty of other people working toward the same goals.
But it won't be solved by continuing to give them attention, right?

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