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r.e. possible new "talk-back" mailing list

I'm going to continue this discussion on e-services -- if anyone else wants
to discuss it please feel free to contact me but I'll stop cc'ing linux-sig
and isig to avoid bothering folk who don't care to listen to this...

>To: e-services at
>cc: isig at, linux-sig at
>Subject: Re: BBS's... 
>Date: Sat, 18 May 1996 23:26:24 -0400
>From: John Abreau <jabr at>
>Sender: owner-e-services at
>Reply-To: e-services at
>Rodney Thayer <rodney at>writes:
>>> here's an idea for an e-service that might be helpful at this time:
>>> I suggest we start a mailing list specifically intended for "what the bcs
>>> should be doing for it's members".  this would be a place for people to
>>> specifcally make suggestions, complaints, etc.  and a place for the b-o-d,
>>> volunteers, the emergency holographic e-d of the day, others to respond.
>>> last time I checked the membership form it was ME paying THEM and not the
>>> inverse, so this is really a humble "get customer feedback" exercise.
>>> such a list might turn into a flame-fest, but if you don't let the people
>>> paying the bill bitch when they are upset you may not have them paying the
>>> bill next time.  the membership state of mind, body count, volunteer count,
>>> etc. imply this process is already happening.  lots of people already fired
>>> Pam and the rest of them when they didn't renew their memberships last time,
>>> remember.
>>> feel free to reply to this on-, or off-list
>>>                   Rodney Thayer           ::         rodney at
>Sure, I can set up such a list; maybe call it "talk-back at"?
>Setting up a list is easy; making it a useful forum, with the "right"
>people participating, is the hard part.
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