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Red Hat Desktop contest

          Red Hat Software is pleased to announce the....

	           Red Hat Free Desktop Contest

Win free Linux hardware and software, including a 64 bit Alpha Workstation!

- - --------

This contest is designed to give you the chance to show off your
killer desktop configuration, foster creativity, and to show the
world what can be done with free software.

Everyone has their favorite hacks and tweaks for their personal desktop,
and we want to seem them!  In return you can win big prizes!

- - -------------

1) Read for complete details
2) Configure your desktop using free RPM-ed software
3) Submit a screen shot and your configuration files
4) Win big prizes! (hopefully :-)

- - ----------

. A 64 bit Alpha Workstation running Red Hat Linux!
. 1GB hard drive (IDE or SCSI)
. Copies of Official Red Hat Linux (for any platform)

- - ---------

The entries will be judged by the following panel:

	Giles Bateman of PCTV
	Marc Ewing of Red Hat Software
	Jon "maddog" Hall of Digital Equipment Corporation
	Marc Hamstra of Bentley Systems
	Erik Troan of Red Hat Software
- - -------------

	Entries must be submitted by June 15, 1996
	Winners will be announced on July 4, 1996

- - ------------

[ OK, it doesn't begin with a `P', but I couldn't come up with a word! ]

Thanks to Digital Equipment Corporation and Linux Hardware solutions for
donating the prizes to make this contest so exciting. Thanks also to
the members of the Red Hat mailing list for the inspiration and outline
of this contest.

- -- 
Jon "maddog" Hall			
Officer - Linux International           Senior Leader
Mailstop ZK03-2/U15			UNIX Software Group
Digital Equipment Corporation		Internet: maddog at
110 Spit Brook Rd.			Voice: 603.881.1341
Nashua, N.H. 03062-2698			Fax: 603.881.6059

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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