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NT & Linux

At 10:13 AM 5/29/96 -0400, Peter Breton wrote:
>You can have LILO be the master loader, and have it go to the Windows NT 
>loader. I know this will work because I have my own computer set up this way.
>After installing NT, simply boot Linux (from floppy if necessary) and 
>re-run LILO, editing lilo.conf as appropriate. 

First, thanks everybody for your answers. I assumed that I had to keep the
NT boot manager there, but you guys proved that wrong. So, please let me
hash thru what I plan to do and tell me if you see any holes.

Current system has NT on C: with the NT boot manager.

1. Install Linux on D:   /dev/hdb

2. Install LILO on C:'s MBR - or /dev/hda

3. Set up LILO to :
   boot NT from /dev/hda -    run NTLDR??????
   boot Linux from /dev/hdb

Sound OK?

Thanks again,

Dan Murphy


Dan Murphy                 murph at
Vmark Software             74260.3322 at
Westboro, MA

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