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NT & Linux

Joe Balsama wrote:
> For dual and multi-booting systems, I install a 3-4MB DOS partition.  Then
> I install Windows NT.  Then I install VCommunications System Commander.
> >From there, I can install anything I want; System Commander takes over the
> MBR and protects it from other operating systems which want to alter the
> MBR.  I then install Linux on the partitions I've set up for it, then load
> LILO into the superblock of the root partition and make an emergency boot
> floppy.
> In lilo.conf I set the timeout to 0.  The only image is vmlinuz (since
> System Commander will take care of the other operating systems).  Append
> any parameters for your SCSI and whatnot and install lilo.
> I had several partitions destroyed on multi-platform machines before I
> shelled out $99 for System Commander, and I haven't lost anything since I
> installed it (as long as I tell Norton Utilities 95 _not to fix_ the
> "invalid" partitions on drive 2... :^)
> I run Linux, OS/2, Windows 95, NT, DOS/Win3.11,and Solaris on one 486, and
> SC keeps them away from each other nicely.  I'm not sure if there are other
> products that do the same thing.  Of course, a job that uses fewer OS's
> would solve all that....I also use System Commander with Linux,NT and Win 3.1
Well worth the money. Easy to use and keeps things simple.
John Walsh

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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