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NT & Linux

> > Lots of people are doing this, even Windows NT people (I'm on a Windows 
> > NT mailing list, and it's amazing how many of them talk about Linux). You 
> > will not get any help from Microsoft, who seem to be actively hostile to 
> > Unix in general and Linux in particular (gee, I can't imagine why!)

> Linux in particular?  How so?  Are there any signs that show they think
> it's a threat?  Are they even tracking it's development?  Thinking of
> ways to foil it?

It's more of a mindset. They can conceive (albeit reluctantly) of valid 
reasons to run a commercial UNIX instead of NT (for example, as a 
firewall). The idea of a free UNIX seems to be too much to take.
I'd guess that officially they consider Linux beneath their notice. 

Curiously, I did correspond with a guy from Microsoft who told me that 
NTEmacs is somewhat popular at Microsoft (maybe 2% of the programmer's 
use it, as measured by an internal mailing list). I wonder if they have a 
similar list for Linux? :-)


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