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Media-One Express, IP Masquerading

At 1:47 PM -0400 6/19/98, John Chambers wrote:
>We've decided that we should give Mediaone a try here  at  home,  and
>I'm  looking for the best current info on how to set it up for a site
>with one linux machine and one W95  (involuntarily  half-upgraded  to
>W98 ;-) machine, each with an Ethernet card.
There is a bunch of news groups on Mediaone as well as a few FAQS. I'll
send you the URLs for the FAQs. Also, I have a copy of the IP masquerade
meeting. If you want it, I can drop it off at your house on the way home.

My suggestion:

Cable-modem|---------|Linux Box|----second NIC|---|Your internal Network
(eg. Windoz). Use IP Masquerade as your primary gateway. You just need to
have a DHCP client to grab the IP lease.

If you want to use Windows95 as your M1X system, there is virtually no
setup. You just need to be configured to obtain an IP address

Mediaone will not volunteer how to set up Linux, but not only is there a
large number of M1X Linux users here, but many Mediaone employees use

To set up your IP address under Windoz, you go into the networking icon, if
TCP is not in the list, you can easily install it. (I don't have a Windoz
system here and since I am posting this to the Linux group, I don't want to

Give me a call this evening after 8PM and I can get that configured for you
in a few mins (You should still have my home phone),

Gerald A. Feldman
50 Mall Road, Burlington, MA 01803
gaf at (781-273-3388 X249)

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