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Mediaone Express LAN FAQs

This is  Robert Raisch's unofficial M1X FAQs.

Here is a very complete FAQ on Linux and Mediaone.

Basically, Mediaone is like being on Ethernet. Your IP address is dynamic, but 
stays the same most of the time. They occasionally renumber the network. Your 
host name has a DNS entry in M1X's DNS servers, so you can reach your 
system by name from the Internet. The IP address is associated with your NIC's 
MAC address, so you cannot plug the cable modem into any random box. The 
only thing M1X gets upset about is when you either act as a DHCP server, or 
when you somehow allow people outside the network usurp your domain. Alan 
Jay weiner, who contributed to the above FAQs had that happen when he was 
using Wingate. 

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