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Media-One Express, IP Masquerading

On Sat, 20 Jun 1998, Mike Bilow wrote:
> The usual procedure is to let them install onto your Windows 95 machine.  It
> will come up and obtain an IP address and similar information by DHCP.  Open
> the "Network" object as described above and write down all of these settings. 
> Then configure your Linux machine with the same IP address, netmask, name
> servers, and gateway as the Windows 95 machine.  Enable IP masquerading on the
> Linux machine for a private network using RFC1918 addresses (like 192.168.x.x)
> and statically reassign an IP address from that private network to the Windows
> machine.  Assuming you have correct routing and so on, this should work.

Mike, thanks for your previous answer.

I just wanted to add a reminder to this one though; since their DNS is
tied to the network card hard-coded address, you need to move the very
same network card from your Win95 box to the linux box.  Right?

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