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mediaone: my own domain name?

David Kramer wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:

 DK> If I do this, can I host several email addresses under that
 DK> domain name? i.e., if I get, can I get emails to
 DK> david at and veronica at if I set up a mail
 DK> server on my linux box? 

Yes, except that KRAMER.COM has been registered to someone since 1993.

Technically, all you need is standard Sendmail, and it can receive for each
user.  Sendmail is not a simple thing to run, but most of the setup these days
is fairly automatic.  It might be worth getting the O'Reilly "Sendmail" book if
you plan to try to do anything serious with mail.

I don't know what Mediaone thinks about running a "server" on your machine,
even just a mail server, so check your contract carefully.

 DK> Can I set up one linux box with firewall, mail server, ftpd,
 DK> and httpd? Can it be done and still be somewhat secure?

Yes, Linux can be fairly secure.  Keep in mind, however, that it is quite easy
for a configuration error to blow a large hole in your security, and that it is
common for inexperienced system administrators to make such errors.
-- Mike

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