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mediaone: my own domain name?

   From: David Kramer <Dskramer at>

   Will MediaOne let me set up my own domain name?

MediaOne won't handle domain names, and doesn't want to, because that
would tempt you to run a server, which would cause extra load, but not
increase their revenues.

Worse, there is no guarantee that MediaOne won't change your IP
address, and you've got to make sure that your DNS records track your
IP address.  Though I've heard of people doing things that patch over
the problem, such as when their system gets its IP address, sending
e-mail or using FTP to update the DNS source files on the system that
is serving DNS for them.


Dale Worley						worley at
You know you've had a life-changing experience when you almost shit 
yourself and your first impulse is to sign onto a computer network and 
tell fifty-one thousand people about it.
-- Sean McAfee, re: alt.tasteless

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