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Protest - ants


I wholeheartedly concur.  


I think most of us enjoy bashing Windows, but it's also true that we feel 
genuinely sorry for those users who are unaware of alternative O/S's for
Intel architechtures or are unable to take advantage of them for whatever
reason.  We have no special knowledge of what Windows users are doing to
raise hell about Microsoft products, but I think it's important to
complain about inferior monopoly software.

It's been said that when Microsoft makes a product that doesn't suck - it
will be a vacuum cleaner.  And I think it is both incredibly funny as well
as true.  Thanks to community development, I can work around windows, and
if I can't - I can probably find someone who has or will create an
alternative.  The force is strong within the Linux and *NIX community.

Is there a Windows-haters club forming somewhere?  It's easier and
probably more fun to be a Linux lover than a Windows hater.  More power to
'em though, and best of luck to you!  Sounds like a good article
title "Windows-haters club forming in Cambridge".  It would make good
reading on my way home on the red line.

                  | The Windows-haters club registration |
                  | wizard has found new members and is  |
                  | signing you up now...                |
                  |                                      |
                  |       Click OK to continue           |
                  |                                      |
                  |            ------------              |
                  |            |          |              |
                  |            |    OK    |              |
                  |            |          |              |
                  |            ------------              |
                  |                                      |


Chuck Young
GTE Internetworking

On Thu, 25 Jun 1998, Jerry Feldman wrote:

   At 12:43 PM -0400 6/25/98, Todd Wallack wrote:
   >Hi. I heard a group of Windows 98 protesters showed up at CompUSA in
   >Cambridge yesterday.
   >Any idea how to contact them? I'm interested in writing an article for the
   >Boston Herald.

   Were there any protesters protesting against RedHat 5.1 too :-)
   I really cannot think of a dumber protest than to protest against a
   vendor's release of an operating system which really is a minor upgrade
   from Windows95(with IE4.0 and all patches applied). Probably the only
   significant benefits are VFAT32 (for Windows95 users prior to OSR2), and
   the desire to contribute to the Bill Gates welfare fund. Maybe they should
   protest CompUSA's purchase of COmputerCity.
   Gerald A. Feldman
   50 Mall Road, Burlington, MA 01803
   gaf at (781-273-3388 X249)

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