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One filesystem spanning multiple hard drives...

I have a couple older hard drives installed on an older 486 system that
I want to use to run Red Hat 6.0 workstation installation (at work).
I've tried to use both disk druid and fdisk to play with partitions and
am having one heck of a time. I would like RH6.0 to install creating
multiple partitions to accommodate my hardware but am forced to
designate my own partitions. Is there a way to have Linux look at my
500m and 275m hard drives as though it was one drive of approx 775m and
allocate its own partitions?
I've tried to allocate 17m to root and the rest to swap space (on the
smaller drive) and use the entire [larger] hard drive for the rest but
encounter the need for greater disk space for the installation that I've
Any suggestions?

Kevin M. Gleason

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