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One filesystem spanning multiple hard drives...

On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Kevin M. Gleason wrote:

> I've tried to allocate 17m to root and the rest to swap space (on the
> smaller drive) and use the entire [larger] hard drive for the rest but
> encounter the need for greater disk space for the installation that I've
> suggested.
> Any suggestions?

A root partition of 17MB is TOO SMALL.  It's hard to really know what to
suggest, since you don't say what you want to USE the machine for or how
much memory you have, but for a typical low-disk space install I suggest
making 3 partitions out of the smaller drive:

/      100MB
/tmp   100MB
swap   75MB

Then make the larger disk your /usr partition.

If you think you will need more swap (likely if you want to run gnome 
or KDE and have less than 64MB of physical ram) and won't need to use /tmp
too much, you can brobably get away with making /tmp very small (or
non-existant, but I personally like to have /tmp on a seperate partition
from /), and then allocate the rest of that space to swap.  

You may also want to create a seperate partition for /var (or maybe
/var/log), as this is where all the logs go.  If you need to have large
logs, then you run the risk of filling up the filesystem they are on,
which can make your system behave badly.  If they have their own
filesystem, I personally find it easier to manage them.  Bear in mind that
I have lots of logging turned on on most of my systems -- a lot more than
most people.  You probably won't have a need to muck with /var too much.

Derek D. Martin
Senior UNIX Systems/Network Administrator
Arris Interactive
derek.martin at

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