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One filesystem spanning multiple hard drives...

> > Is there a way to have Linux look at my
> > 500m and 275m hard drives as though it was one drive of approx 775m and
> > allocate its own partitions?
> Yes there is, you can basically conctinate(sp) the drives.  But
> sorry,
> I don't know how :(

I don't particularily know exactly how either, but I know it can be done
with the md driver (multiple device; this works as the software RAID

Before you go looking up the HOWTO, you might want to ask yourself why you
need to do this.  Is there a particular reason that you want to have the
md driver pull multiple partitions into a single logical unit?  Is
mounting the partitions not good enough?  Remember that mounting a second
partition under /usr and making a larger logical volume have few
differences - the only one I can think of being that you can run out of
space on the /usr directory in particular, but still have space on the
system.  By and large, I like the *NIX solution here much better than the
DOS/Windows solution of assigning each drive a letter, and only loosly
pulling all the partitions into a directory tree.  (I hear that Y^HWin2K
will change this, but...)


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