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SCSI install problem

On Tue, 9 Nov 1999, Glenn Burkhardt wrote:

> Also, just to double check, are the Travan tape drives supported by the 
> Linux SCSI driver?

Aren't SCSI tapes pretty well generic?  Isn't that the point of SCSI?  You
don't have to know much about the particular drive; you just tell it to
grab data, and it worries about anything past that.

Oh, from the Hardware Compatability HOWTO:

15. Tape drives

15.1 Supported

     * SCSI tape drives
       (From the SCSI HOWTO) Drives using both fixed and variable length
       blocks smaller than the driver buffer length (set to 32k in the
       distribution sources) are supported. Virtually all drives should
       work. (Send mail if you know of any incompatible drives.)
          + Seagate Sidewinder 50 AIT (on ICP 6527 RAID-controller)


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