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SCSI install problem

The first item is to determine the correct driver for your board.  Will Adaptec
help?  Since you've just bought the board, it's a new model, and isn't listed
in the Hardware-HOWTO yet.  There's this note in the Future Domain driver:

 Future Domain BIOS versions supported for autodetect:
    2.0, 3.0, 3.2, 3.4 (1.0), 3.5 (2.0), 3.6, 3.61
 Chips are supported:
    TMC-1800, TMC-18C50, TMC-18C30, TMC-36C70
 Boards supported:
    Future Domain TMC-1650, TMC-1660, TMC-1670, TMC-1680, TMC-1610M/MER/MEX
    Future Domain TMC-3260 (PCI)
    Quantum ISA-200S, ISA-250MG
    Adaptec AHA-2920A (PCI) [BUT *NOT* AHA-2920C -- use aic7xxx instead]
    IBM ?
 LILO/INSMOD command-line options:

So even for the 2920x models different drivers need to be used.  Better check
the web linux doc before going further.  I'll try to help with the loadable
module configuration.

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