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hardware clock is mangled on reboot

Ever since I noticed that my system clock didn't reset for the end of
daylight savings time, I've been trying to get the time function
working on my computer, and failing miserably.  I've tried linuxconf,
timetool, date, setclock, timeconfig, hwclock, and the BIOS
configuration screens built in, to no avail.  I can *set* the time
using these utilities, and the system knows that I'm in Eastern
Standard Time (that's what I get from "date"), and it knows that the
hardware clock is set to GMT (/etc/sysconfig/clock includes the line

But when Linux boots, even after I set the correct time through one of
the above means, the first time it shows in the boot sequence is off
by two and a half hours ... or three and a half hours ... or some
other strange figure.

I'm running Red Hat 6.0 on a Pentium machine with an AWARD BIOS.  I
got the machine from PC's for Everyone a few months ago.

How do I diagnose and fix the problem?

If it would help, I took paper notes on the one-hour argument I had
with my computer last night, and I can transcribe them and send them
to the list.

perl -le"for(@w=(q[dm='r 0rJaa,u0cksthe';dc=967150;dz=~s/d/substrdm,\
(di+=dc%2?4:1)%=16,1ordi-2?'no':'Perl h'/e whiledc>>=1;printdz]))\
{s/d/chr(36)/eg;eval;}#In Windows type this all on 1 line w/o '\'s"
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