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Windows Capture

	subb3 at wrote:
	> How can I capture the contents of a window to a file? I prefer
	> to capture it to a JPG file or a Win BMP file. I may have to
	> include the image file into a document.
	> What tools are available to do the capture?
	> I use FVWM2 window manager. (Please don't recommend some KDE,...etc tools)
	There are several programs you can use to do this. The Gimp, xv (I think)
	and other graphics applications. 

Some more detail: If you run xv (xv& actually), it may not be obvious
how  to  use  it, but what you want is easy.  It will pop up its logo
window and sit there.  Click on it with the right button, and  you'll
get a command window full of buttons.  The Grab button is the one you
want.  It will pop up a third window that  explains  how  to  grab  a
window or a random rectangle.  When you do this, the logo window will
be replaced with what you just grabbed.  At this point, you  want  to
hit xv's Save button, which will pop up yet another window.  There is
a Format menu that lets you pick a list  of  graphics  formats.   The
default is GIF, but JPEG and BMP are there, too.  All this only takes
a few seconds, once you're familiar with it, and the result is a file
with data you want.

I'm still trying to figure out how to get Gimp to do such things ...

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