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Windows Capture

subb3 at wrote:
> How can I capture the contents of a window to a file? I prefer
> to capture it to a JPG file or a Win BMP file. I may have to
> include the image file into a document.
> What tools are available to do the capture?
> I use FVWM2 window manager. (Please don't recommend some KDE,...etc tools)
There are several programs you can use to do this. The Gimp, xv (I think)
and other graphics applications. Most of these are available with most
distributions. In addition, for tracing applications and similar stuff, you
can turn logging on in an xterm, and it will give you an ascii file with the
data. Most of these can deal with the popular graphics formats, including
jpeg. Some also do BMP, but BMP files are bloated and less portable than
jpegs and gifs. 
Jerry Feldman (HP On-Site Consultant)
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