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Using Crack 5.0

On 29 Nov 1999 subb3 at wrote:

> The Crack does not try to crack my passwords. Am I invoking Crack with
> the wrong syntax? How can I test the password qualities of my users?

   Judging by the output it's working fine.  If you look at the process
table you should see something like:
 26709 pts/5    1:43 cracker

   Crack does some setup and then runs in the background.  You can look at
the output with the Reporter script:

maxwell(mbrodeur)-~/c50a-Maxwell[17]$ ./Reporter -quiet
---- passwords cracked as of Mon Nov 29 10:38:51 EST 1999 ----

935009050:Guessed l00ser [PASSWORD]  Total l00ser [yplist /bin/csh]

---- done ----

   The "-quiet" prevents a lot of warnings and such from the system
accounts.  I've never actually let a Crack run finish, so I don't know if
there's any way it tells you it's done.  I just let it run across a couple
of servers for about a day or two and then bug the people it cracked.  To
stop Crack cleanly run:
maxwell(mbrodeur)-~/c50a-Maxwell[18]$ scripts/plaster
+ kill -TERM 26709
+ rm -f run/Kmaxwell.26630
+ exit 0 

   I think that's about it.  The docs that come with Crack cover
everything in more exacting detail.

Matthew J. Brodeur, mbrodeur at
Hostmaster, Webmaster for,

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