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identd and irc servers

Derek Atkins wrote:

> identd is run from inetd, usually.  The purpose of identd is for a
Speaking of identd, in the situation I specified last week where I have a
Windows98 client using mIRC. My Linux box is set up as a gateway using
IPMasq. Normally, if the Windows98 client were connected directly to the
cable modem, mIRC would respond to the identd, but in this case, when the
IRC server issues the query it picks up the host name of the Linux box.
Should I run an identd daemon in the Linux box? or should I set one up in
the Windows98 box. I did get a response earlier pointing me at several
identd daemons. (Actually, I am configuring a new system for wife who wants
it to be identical to her current system before she will use it). 

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