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Planning BLU speakers for the next year.

On Tue, 2 May 2000, Jerry Feldman wrote:

> We try to sign up our speakers months in advance. Some ideas we have 
> been working on:

> 3. How to automate your home (eg turn on lights, etc).

I actually do this quite a bit myself.  My linux server controls lights
and devices in my house, as well as all the A/V equipment in my office.
All of my TV recording is done through my crontab file on my server.  I
don't know that I could fill a full two hours, but I would certainly be
willing to do a demo of what I've done (it works on my Thinkpad too).

Maybe we can do a split meeting with me talking for a while on what I've
done, then either someone else who'se done this too, or someone talking
about something else completely.  I'll bet a post to comp.home.automation
would drag up a person or two in MA willing to brag about their setup.

Another idea- how about a [part of a] meeting on rebuilding the kernel
and/or drivers?    Some see this as a trivial but time-consuming task,
others seem to see it as "too hard for the common home user".  Maybe this
could be expanded to optimizing the kernel for your platform.  I'm sur
ethere are differences (at least in directory trees) between different
distros, and maybe that could be covered, too.

I would like to see a talk on package managers, too.  I knwo most people
use RPM's, but I've never understood source RPM's and how you build and
use them.  Maybe we could compare and contrast RPM's to DEB's, and talk
about alien.

BTW- The website still lists esr as an upcoming event.

PS- How do you search the discuss archives?  I can't find the instructions
on the web page.

DDDD   David Kramer         
DK KD  Pretense and adversity are inversely proportional;
DDDD   Adversity reveals the true nature of all things.

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