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Planning BLU speakers for the next year.

I'll second the motion:  home automation is high on my list, as 
is recompiling.

"me too"


On Tuesday, May 02, 2000 4:55 PM, David Kramer 
[SMTP:david at] wrote:
> On Tue, 2 May 2000, Jerry Feldman wrote:
> > We try to sign up our speakers months in advance. Some ideas
> > we have
> > been working on:
> > 3. How to automate your home (eg turn on lights, etc).
> I actually do this quite a bit myself.  My linux server
> controls lights
> and devices in my house, as well as all the A/V equipment in 
> office.
> All of my TV recording is done through my crontab file on my
> server.  I
> don't know that I could fill a full two hours, but I would
> certainly be
> willing to do a demo of what I've done (it works on my 
> too).
> Maybe we can do a split meeting with me talking for a while on
> what I've
> done, then either someone else who'se done this too, or 
> talking
> about something else completely.  I'll bet a post to
> comp.home.automation
> would drag up a person or two in MA willing to brag about 
> setup.
> Another idea- how about a [part of a] meeting on rebuilding 
> kernel
> and/or drivers?    Some see this as a trivial but time-
> consuming task,
> others seem to see it as "too hard for the common home user".
>  Maybe this
> could be expanded to optimizing the kernel for your platform.
>  I'm sur
> ethere are differences (at least in directory trees) between
> different
> distros, and maybe that could be covered, too.
> I would like to see a talk on package managers, too.  I knwo
> most people
> use RPM's, but I've never understood source RPM's and how you
> build and
> use them.  Maybe we could compare and contrast RPM's to DEB's,
> and talk
> about alien.
> BTW- The website still lists esr as an upcoming event.
> PS- How do you search the discuss archives?  I can't find the
> instructions
> on the web page.
> -----------------------------------------------------------  
> ----
> DDDD   David Kramer
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