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shells and bells

On Wed, 3 May 2000, Alexander Darke wrote:

> It's not "equally" good yet.

Good thing _I_ didn't say that. ;)

No, but it balances out IMO.
> Today, as I attempt to make my sites better, and as my skills grow, I have 
> started demanding more of MySQL than I originally did when I first started 
> teaching myself. And I'm finding it coming up short. Rollbacks, subselects, 
> all sorts of stuff that I'd like to be able to do, that I can't, because 
> while MySQL intends to have it (subselects in the next major version, I 
> believe, is coming), it doesn't yet. And now I understand why my friends 
> suggested Postgres....I'd not be having these problems right now. So now I 
> am facing the idea of having to recode a ton of crap, or let my sites be as 
> is for a while and wait for the versions to come out to bring MySQL into 
> the playing field as an equal.

Rollbacks on a weblog? If you're concerned about cancelling or "rolling
back" using mysql's LAST_INSERT_ID() function along with an update log
gives you pretty much anything "commit/rollback" does.

Subselects are indeed unsupported for now. I happen to think subselects
limit folks new to SQL, because they make it easy to write horribly
inefficient queries. They're slow and wasteful. (Dig: Of course, if you're
used to transactional setups you might not mind slow). Explore the joys of
joining. For those times a sub-select is absolutely neccessary, I've had
to use tempory tables -- which is a major pain in the arse. Points
definately do not go to mysql there.

Niall Kavanagh, niall at
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