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BellAtlantic DSL

Alex Darke wrote:
> Anyone here using Bell's DSL service?
> I'm curious about getting it to work under linux, so I can return to not
> having windows running, have my in house network, etc, but with the setup
> this morning, it turns out the tech would appear to NOT be fibbing that
> Microsoft's VPN is *required* to connect to their network. (I thought DSL
> was similar to cable, and it the "modem" Was a router...turns out this DSL
> service is indeed similar to a modem, where you "dial in")

>From a quick glance at Bell Atlantic's site, I see they

  - offer DSL over your _existing_ line.  My DSL model has
    it's own line (I use Flashcom).  It's always on, no
    dial-up or delays.
  - are switching over to a dynamic IP allocation strategy.
    You might want to ask them if they will be using
    DHCP in the future.
  - are supporting Macs.

If they're doing some kind of proprietary garbage on
Windows and Mac machines, dump them now and get a different
DSL provider or cable modem.  A big company like Bell Atlantic
is sure to have some kick-back program with MS, and you can
be sure they'll do everything they can not to cater to Linux.

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