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BellAtlantic DSL

On Thu, May 04, 2000 at 12:43:49PM -0500, Alex Darke wrote:
> Anyone here using Bell's DSL service?
> I'm curious about getting it to work under linux, so I can return to not 
> having windows running, have my in house network, etc, but with the setup 
> this morning, it turns out the tech would appear to NOT be fibbing that 
> Microsoft's VPN is *required* to connect to their network. (I thought DSL 
> was similar to cable, and it the "modem" Was a router...turns out this DSL 
> service is indeed similar to a modem, where you "dial in")
> Anyone?

	BellAtlantic's DSL is PPP over Ethernet.  This is supported  under
linux, but requires kernel patching and some userland programs.  

	Basically, you have to "dial in", which means you need to
establish the PPP connection over the DSL line, to get IP and the like.

	Search for PPPoE, for the drivers and the like.

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