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mysql viability (was: shells and bells)

Mark Donnelly wrote:

> Not so; I think it's very elegant.  Having grown up in
> the midwest, where you have no life if you have no car,
> I have been ecstatic to be in Boston, where they have
> this wonderful system ... known as the "T".  I think
> that the subways (which are little more than wheels,
> frame, engine, and brakes) are wonderful.  Anyone who
> doesn't think that being able to do a limited task very
> well should feel free to start driving me from Malden
> to the south side of Chinatown every morning!  ;)

O.K. - I have to stop this.  My employer probably wouldn't appreciate
paying me to flame about databases...

But I must take issue with your appraisal of the T.  ;)

I am also from the Midwest.  About as mid of the west as you can get.

I've been riding the T every day, twice a day, for more than ten years. 
It sucks.

I commute from Somerville to South Station.  As the crow flies, maybe
three miles at the most.  In the midwest, three miles is three minutes. 
Much faster, if chop your car to go real fast in a straight line. 
That's all you need in the midwest - everything is in a straight line. 
I used to ride my motorcycle from our house to our farmyard in under 10

Three miles on the T can take more than an hour.  A sweaty, dreary,
dark, and smelly hour.  Surrounded by working drones, who,
unfortunately, remind me of myself.

I won't begrudge you your right to run MySQL on your P90.  I could
probably even scrounge up some RAM for you for free.  But please don't
tell me that you enjoy riding the T...


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