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journalling FS (ReiserFS)

Hi Ron

> > I'm still having problem with that machine and I think it is the raid
> > firmware that is currupted in some way...
> I'm curious about what RAID card you were using.  Did you happen to add
> any memory to it?
SmartRaid2 from Compaq (the drivers were supposed to be in Linux
provided directly by compaq). Never saw so many manuals and CDs and
Floppies and paper in general and DUMB program for installing the RAID!
Previously I had a DTP 2144UW: no problems. unfortunatly the server
burned 2 disks up 3 months ago after 1 1/5 years of work!

> I have 50GB RAID 5 on an AMI MegaRAID.  I originally had added memory to
> it, but that was a problem.  Whether it was factory specified memory or
> memory I found in my pencil drawer.  In fact, testing it on NT, it also
> had problems with the extra cache.
I got 128Mb on a PII 300 (see specs of the Proliant 3000).
It costed only 800 bucks but I wasted more time that I have forecasted
on this machine.... I wonder why people keep buying brand named

> I've noticed on Kernel Traffic that there's been some work on the
> MegaRAID drivers for recent 2.2.x kernels.  I really should upgrade my
> kernel, but since I have a nice stable working system (happens to be
> 2.2.13), I'm loath to touch it.
If it works do not touch it!

Let me know if you need more info.


BTW, I'm strugling with my boss' new gizmo: the Espresso pc. How the
hell do I make the USB port to talk to the usb-to-ethernet hub (NETGEAR
Anybody had USB usb-to-eth hub working on any Linux machine?
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