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Modem Detection

On Fri, 12 May 2000, John Abreau wrote:

> > which will solve the problem of Linux not detecting the modem.  During
> > boot, the screen pauses briefly to advise it is searching for new
> > hardware, but it always fails to find the modem.  The modem, a Hayes
> > Accura ISA V.90 model plug and play operates successfully while I'm in
> > Windows.  But, Linux doesn't "see" it in either re-installation from the
> > CDROM or from just a boot.  Do you have any suggestions which a novice
> > of my standing might use to convince Linux that there is indeed a modem
> > attached (internally) to the computer?  I would be most grateful for
> > suggestions.  Thank you,  Regards, macdisch at (Back Bay)
> Most internal modems tend to be "winmodems; to make them cheaper, the
> manufacturer implemented the guts of the modem in software as a Windows
> driver. My experience has been that pretty much all internal modems are
> winmodems, and won't work with any operating system except Windows. There
> are a few internal modems that actually are complete modems, but I
> wouldn't know if the one you have is one of them.

According to the Hayes web site (, that model of
modem has an onboard controller; in other words, it's not a winmodem. The
problem is more likely because it's a plug and play modem; isapnptools
must be installed and running for such a modem to work properly. The PCI
version of the Accura IS a winmodem; Linux would probably detect it just
fine (since it's a PCI card), but wouldn't be able to do anything useful
with it.

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