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IPChains question

I'm currently using a Linux box to masquerade an internal network using
ipchains with masquerading, icmp masquerading, and a few special modules
(the norm for such a DSL/cable installation).  When I'm transferring
data in any form, things work perfectly (http, ftp, aim, icq, etc.), but
if I ssh into an external box a couple of times and leave one window
running top and the other with 'tail -f /var/log/messages', the tail
always disconnects with:

Read from remote host magnum: Connection reset by peer
Connection to magnum closed.

Is there a time-out function on IPChains that I'm missing out on?  It's
only when tailing logs which don't change every few seconds that I get
disconnected, whereas top and any active data transfer just fine.  This
is actually the first time I've ever run into this problem, as I've
never tried it before.  The external box is on an external LAN on the
near side of my DSL line, so I can't imagine the issue is with any form
of timeout between the machines.  Ideas?

Brian J. Conway
dogbert at
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