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IPChains question (SOLVED)

Mike Bilow wrote:
> Actually, ssh usually exchanges periodic "keepalive" packets to detect if
> the other end has gone away.  If the ipchains timeout is set long enough,
> the ssh keepalive packets should prevent a timeout even if nothing happens
> in the tail or top windows.

This was a very timely discussion.  Unfortunately, not quite timely
enough to prevent me from almost hanging my server.  I ssh'd from my
laptop to my office's Linux server.  I changed something trivial in my
backup script, and ran it to make sure it was o.k.  It started runnning,
but a half hour or so later, people started having problems mounting
Samba shares, DNS stopped working, etc.  So I sat down at the server
console, and I couldn't even log in.  Couldn't use ssh to get in
either.  I was contemplating hitting the power switch (ouch), but tried
turning off the tape drive first.  Presto.  Everything came back.


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