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Bombing of Dresden (was Plea for help: The detriment of using Microsoft products)

The subject line is not funny.

Why do you want to run Linux?  Do you have a goal?

Why would you expect to be able to run Debian packages in Mandrake?  
Debian has the "alien" tool that allows RPM packages to be installed on
Debian, but these usually require a fair amount of manual help.

You need a state license to do sound installations here in Rhode Island.

-- Mike

On 2000-05-16 at 22:39 -0400, David P. Greenberg wrote:

> --Well, now I know how Francis Gary Powers felt. I knew I'd get a flamin' but
> boy howdy...
> Now that I've effectively pissed everybody off; Hi, my name is Dave Greenberg.
> You  realise of course that it's all in good fun, and an attempt at
> learning something. I gather from reading the posts on this list that most of
> you guys are pretty much computer heavyweights. I'm not.
* * *
> I can run DOS progies
> in Win95, and (with a little effort) win95 progies in Win3.1, but apearantly I
> can't run Debian programs in Mandrake.

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