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Bombing of Dresden (was Plea for help: The detriment of using Microsoft products)

Once upon a time, Mike Bilow spake thus:
:-)The subject line is not funny.
Gee Whiz.
:-)Why do you want to run Linux?  Do you have a goal?
Yes. My primary goal is to learn as much about computers in general as
possible. I'm interested in Mac as well. Eventually, I suppose I'd like to
network multiple machines with different OSs together. But, as I've said, I
just want to learn everything I can. Anyway, do I need a goal. This system has
been proffering itself to the masses as a replacement for Windows. My
assumption would be that people who would want to migrate to Linux would
expect a similar learning curve.   
:-)Why would you expect to be able to run Debian packages in Mandrake?  
Why not?    
:-)Debian has the "alien" tool that
allows RPM packages to be installed on Debian, but these usually require a
fair amount of manual help. 
 :-)You need a state license to do sound installations here in Rhode Island. 
I was unaware of that. I do have studio clients in RI, but none of them so far
have been for installation. Mostly Adat repair, and a few for board
modifications and custom amplification. 
:-)-- Mike 

David P. Greenberg
Bitco Electronics
"In Service to the Recording Industry"

**Think too much, you loose your edge.
       Edge is everything-Hawk**
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