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Printer question

I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me out with a problem I
encountered with a Laserjet printer.  I recently set up my desktop to
use two shared printers on a Win98 machine using RedHat's printtool. 
This took a bit of work (understanding exactly what syntax the app
wanted in certain places, anyways), but I was pretty impressed to get
them both working, one being an older HP Laserjet IIP and the other a
new HP Deskjet 830C, with the latter printing quite nicely in color. 
The problem I'm having, which is not network-related at all, is that
printing with the Lasetjet comes out exactly 1/4" too high on the page
(with both the postscript test page and any StarOffice printing I've
done).  The only margin settings in printtool are for fitting multiple
pages on one physical page, and I was curious whether anyone has
encountered this before and might know of a GS option to fix the
starting point of the top margin.  Thanks in advance.

Brian J. Conway
dogbert at
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