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On Thu, 25 May 2000, Dan Geer wrote:

> Frank, et al.,
> I assume that we are talking here about the commercial
> SendMail (which had, in fact, considerable effort put
> into it for the kind of high demand uses that you seem
> to represent) and if not why not.

According to the sales weenie and SE we spoke to from Sendmail Inc when we
bought Sendmail Pro, the commercial Sendmail Pro is identical to the free
stuff.  The only difference is there is a GUI configuration interface, and
if you buy it you can get support from them.

I believe they may also have said that they release the latest version to
paying customers prior to releasing it freeware, which to me only means
they'll let you pay to be a beta-tester.  But I may be mistaken on that

Derek Martin
System Administrator
Mission Critical Linux
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