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Frank, et al.,

I assume that we are talking here about the commercial
SendMail (which had, in fact, considerable effort put
into it for the kind of high demand uses that you seem
to represent) and if not why not.

Regardless of that, if you have unexplained slowdowns
for lists of arbitrary recipients I'd sniff around my 
DNS service and, in particular, I'd make sure that 
whomever is providing reverse DNS lookups to *your*
site is performing with speed and precision.  It is
very common now for anti-spam measures to include a
reverse resolution on the apparent sender address and,
given the increasing pervasiveness of policy based
routing, that reverse resolution request may be
coming from many hops away.  (I'm on cable modem
and just getting from Cambridgeport to Brookline is
25+ hops through C&W in California, for example;
hardly OSPF.)


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