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SCO Unix Intellectual Property Pedigree Chart

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Jerry Feldman <gaf at> writes:

> As mentioned in GNHLUG, SCO holds some of the patents and copyrights
> since they own most of AT&T's Unix. The Unix brand was sold to The Open
> Group. Certainly SCO either is licensed by The Open Group to use the
> Unix brand, or by virtue of owning what's left of USL, they have a
> perpetual license. But it is not the license of the brand that is the
> issue. They own the Unix code and the associated patents and copyrights.
> That's where the value is. Personally, I think that this whole process
> is going to hurt SCO/Caldera in the long run. 

I think there won't be a SCO/Caldera in the long run. 

Also, it seems to me that the IP rights SCO is trying to lay claim to 
are probably the same ones that the court denied the previous owners 
of the AT&T source in the lawsuit against BSD a decade ago. 

I'd actually describe SCO's current behavior as sociopathic and suicidal, 
and I think any reasonable person would see their behavior as harmful 
to SCO's shareholder value. Perhaps SCO shareholders could sue SCO 
over this. 

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