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Looking for a J2EE web host

I haven't ever seen a hosting company that has J2EE as part of the package.
In fact there aren't alot of JSP/JSERV hosting companies either
( is the only reasonable one that I know of). My guess is
that your best bet is to try to work a deal with a small hosting company
( might be responsive - the guy's name is Robert, I use them
for hosting one of my sites).
Good Luck,
Grant M.

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> David Kramer
> Sent: Wednesday, May 07, 2003 11:37 AM
> To: discuss at
> Subject: Looking for a J2EE web host
> I'm involved with this project (no, it doesn't pay) to create a
> new website
> for the WIND job search networking group
> (
> It's being designed and developed by WIND clients (ie unemployeed
> geeks). Our
> current web host (nethosters) sucks elephant ass, after the elephant has
> eaten several cases of jalapenos.  And likes it.
> The problem is that we want J2EE.  It's not that the application
> is amazingly
> complex, but we want to use the website to showcase our talents to
> prospective employers, and as a learning experience.  So we can't
> pay much
> more than $70 a month or so.  Most providors aren't doing J2EE on
> the <$100
> accounts.  So far we found and, but I
> would like
> more options than that, if they're out there.
> Tanks.
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